Hangzhou Tianqin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is composed of five patent agents who have been engaged in patent work for more than 10 years. In December 2005, Hangzhou Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. was approved by the State Intellectual Property Office. It has patent agent qualification and patent agency business In one of the intellectual property legal services.
        As a company of the operation of the integrated intellectual property services, Tianqin professional team to provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality intellectual property services. Unified management, division of labor, professional services is the main characteristics of Tianqin company, the company established a sound quality assessment system, assistant training systems and patent affairs supervision system, most of the staff have a senior title or master's degree or above, and is rich in Enterprise work, technology research and development experience, professional coverage of chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, physical, mechanical, optical, electronics, communications, materials, environment and other scientific and technological fields.
       Tian Qin patent agents for many years engaged in intellectual property management or agency work, handled a large number of patent applications, trademark registration and copyright registration case, specializing in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, computer and other areas of invention patent applications, presided over a considerable number of patents Review, invalidation, administrative litigation, infringement litigation, intangible assets assessment and trade secrets of criminal offenses based on the assessment of the case, and served as a group of enterprises of intellectual property legal adviser, has a wealth of intellectual property rights management experience, can provide in-depth In place of professional services.
       The company's main business scope is:
· Accept commission, provide patent, trademark, copyright, computer software and other intellectual property matters agent;
· Provide legal, intermediary, assessment and appraisal of intellectual property rights;
· Provide enterprise intellectual property management consulting and training;
· Engaged as an intellectual property adviser to the organs, institutions and individuals.